Improve employee performance by 10%+ after just one month of peer-to-peer training with Upduo

When your people grow, your business grows.

With Upduo’s peer-to-peer micro-learning solution, employees retain information longer and apply skills faster. At a fraction of the price of traditional training: Upduo drives ROI.

Empower your workforce

For the cost of one full-time trainer, Upduo can train thousands
of employees weekly, resulting in outcomes like...

increase in Upsells
increase in Close Rates
increase in Sales-Led Awareness
Sales Skills

Directly Link Training to ROI

On average, Upduo improves targeted metrics by over 10% after just 1 month of training*.

Why Upduo works

1:1 Peer-to-Peer learning

Upduo algorithms pair teammates to practice skills together and get instant feedback.


Discuss job-specific scenarios through relevant conversation prompts.

Detailed Reporting
and Feedback

Post-session feedback with targeted improvements for future learning sessions.

Why teams love Upduo

Unlock the institutional knowledge of your team with peer-learning that encourages employees to reflect on learnings.

Efficient Onboarding

“The interaction approach is awesome. I can see how being a little uncomfortable practicing and discussing real scenarios now will get us better and comfortable on the floor later.”


Regional Manager

Sales Awareness

“With Upduo, we are able to train employees on a national basis within a few days. We are able to teach on multiple benefits of our products and measure comprehension along the way.”

Howie Adams

Head of Regional Sales at Motorola

Reduce Employee Turnover

“Through Upduo, our best sellers teach their peers. This has proven to be more impactful than asking them to watch videos or take quizzes. It also makes our company culture stronger and makes our big company feel small.”

Akbar Mohammed

President at Prim Communications


how long does it take to create a training session?

Create a new training workflow from scratch, with internal templates, or via the Upduo learning team in less than XXX.

how do I know Upduo is working to improve my team's performance?

Upduo offers built-in metrics to track progress and gauge improvements to baseline metrics. Find out what KPIs you should be tracking by downloading Upduo Actionable Metrics Cheatsheet.

is Upduo only peer-to-peer?

Upduo currently has two playing modes: peer-to-peer guided video discussions and single-player solo learning sessions. Coming soon: One-to-many training sessions!