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Connect your workforce with peer-to-peer training and reporting

Anytime, anywhere.

Design custom training material in minutes, fill downtime with ongoing learning and ensure frontline proficiency with AI-generated skill gap reporting.

We work where you work

We have high standards (for compliance and security). Upduo is SOC 2 compliant. Find us anywhere you work.

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The Power of Micro-Learning

Upduo focuses on short, actionable learning modules that are easily digestible and readily applicable to daily tasks. Employees can acquire new skills and knowledge efficiently, leading to immediate improvements in individual and team performance.

ensure roi

Targeted Training
Meets Efficient Reporting

With targeted micro-learning modules, you can focus on specific skill gaps and knowledge needs, maximizing the return on your training investment and leading to increased productivity and efficiency.

seamless integration

User-Friendly Design
and Limitless Accessibility

Upduo is accessible on any device, ensuring learning happens wherever your team is. Our user-friendly interface makes it easy for everyone to navigate the platform, create sessions, and access learning materials.

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Cross-Company Collaboration and Engagement

One-on-one and peer-to-peer knowledge sharing promote collaboration and build stronger team relationships, while AI provides personalized learning recommendations to ensure employees gain the most relevant skills for their roles.

The Upduo difference

Go beyond attention. Engage.

Meet our education team

Our team of educators are credentialed teachers with real-world experience, working together with our customers to create the best learning experience for their teams. We value strong communication, utilize the best education pedagogy available, and honor teachers by treating them like the professionals that they are.