Hi, we’re Upduo

We make workplace learning human, effective, and fun to help everyone grow personally and professionally.

We believe

learning isn't a one time thing

The most important thing an organization can do is to come together and help each other grow and connect. We prioritize continuous learning because we know that when we feel engaged in what we’re doing, we create our best work.

one plus one equals three

You can go further when you have access to people and tools that support your development. There are many ways to learn, but sometimes a single conversation with the right person is magic.

it’s cool to be kind

Everyone deserves to enjoy learning. We know that putting yourself in a position to help and be helped is brave so we always prioritize treating each other with kindness and respect, even when we disagree.

having fun should be a priority

Real learning only happens when you feel safe and accepted. Sessions on Upduo are designed to create safe spaces for team members to ask questions, learn together, and have fun.

Meet our founders

Our story started in a high school math class in Lake Tahoe, California, and has grown to include a team of Silicon Valley engineers, educators, and professionals committed to building a simple, flexible and effective solution for all companies and their teams.

Our founders believe that a great education is one of the most influential things you can give to someone. Together, they founded Upduo to make best-in-class education available to all.

Our mission

help everyone reach their highest potential. If you’re looking to join a team where you have impact, drop us a line.