Transform your team with
peer-to-peer learning

Upduo’s 1:1 learning sessions help your employees retain valuable knowledge, boosting their confidence in their jobs and improving business performance.

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Close the gap between

between strategy


Learning shouldn’t be a one-time thing. Upduo connects teams to practice and learn together, at scale. Deliver effective 1:1 training without additional coaches.


Match the right employees
to practice the right skills

Upduo identifies knowledge gaps and matches the right employees together to practice key skills.


Guide employees with on-screen prompts

Upduo guides employees through intentional conversations on topics important to your company.


Practice skills until
they stick

Employees practice skills until they are mastered and revisit previous concepts when a refresh is needed.


Identify future

Look back on recordings of the learning sessions to get insights on how your team is learning.

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Drive measurable employee and company growth

Upduo tracks understanding and adoption of concepts and maps training sessions to business ROI and OKRs.

Recorded sessions
Smart match algorithm
Real time feedback
Executive Dashboard

Make learning human, effective, and fun

We make training delightful and rewarding by connecting people to have one on one conversations that spark ideas and invite reflection.

Mobile and
desktop apps
user-friendly UI
prompt cards

Easily customizable to your needs helping you stay nimble, agile and fast.

From sales training to DEI seminars, easily add and modify session topics to coach teams from onboarding and beyond.

Conversation Cards
Customized curriculum
Conversation templates
Admin dashboard and tools

10,000+ sessions happening every week

Kyle Desautel

General Manager at Amazon

Upduo has made Amazon more nimble. They have allowed us to rapidly deploy concepts and validate that the message was received and understood.

Akbar Mohamed

President at Prime Communications

Through Upduo, our best sellers teach their peers. This has proven to be more impactful than asking them to watch videos or take quizzes. It also makes our company culture stronger and makes our big company feel small.

Howie Adams

Head of Regional Sales at Motorola

With Upduo, we are able to train employees on a national basis within a few days. We are able to teach on multiple benefits of our products and measure comprehension along the way.