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Scalable active training for high performance teams

Upduo uses best-in-class learning science to transform employee behavior through live interactive microlearning sessions.


of lessons already created and ready for you to use


average performance improvement in 30 days*

1.5+ million

completed Upduo training experiences

Scale Successfully

Ensure Active Learning for Everyone

Each Upduo training session invites team members to have conversations or personal reflections that transforms knowledge into actions. No matter how large your team grows, Upduo helps you scale without sacrificing quality.

Boost Team Performance

Transform Behaviors With Personalized Sessions

Upduo’s training experiences are designed to transform individual habits and mindsets into positive behaviors. Not to mention, past concepts are resurfaced when needed to ensure behaviors stick.

Improve Employee Engagement

Refine Skills in Minutes and on Your Time

Upduo fits your team's busy schedule, wherever they are. Upduo's short 5-minute sessions can be squeezed in between clients calls, during slow times, or scheduled into recurring team trainings.

Experience the impact of Upduo on your organization first hand

Directly Link Training to ROI

On average, Upduo improves targeted metrics by over 10% after just 1 month of training*.

Go further with less

For the cost of 1 full-time trainer, you can offer weekly one-to-one coaching to over 100 employees.

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Why Leaders Love Upduo

Flexible & customizable

From sales training to new-hire onboarding, easily add and modify topics to stay nimble, agile and fast.

"Through Upduo, our best sellers teach their peers. This has proven to be more impactful than asking them to watch videos or take quizzes. It also makes our company culture stronger and makes our big company feel small."

Akbar Mohamed

President at Prime Communications

AI-powered platform

No long seminars. No tedious courses. Just quick, actionable insights to implement immediately.

“Upduo has made Amazon more nimble. They have allowed us to rapidly deploy concepts and validate that the message was received and understood.”

Kyle Desautel

General Manager at Amazon

Effective and Scalable

Peer-to-peer learning that's quick, effective, and seamlessly deployed no matter where teams are based.

“With Upduo, we are able to train employees on a national basis within a few days. We are able to teach on multiple benefits of our products and measure comprehension along the way.”

Howie Adams

Head of Regional Sales at Motorola