Upduo SOC 2 Type II
May 18, 2022  |  By Wei Sun

Managing admin roles and keeping your data safe with SOC2 Type II

At Upduo, we believe a confident and capable team is the result of the training and support they receive.

To help you better train and prepare your team, we’re announcing a set of admin features to set up impactful training, as well as additional security protocols designed to keep your team’s data safe.

Easily Manage Users and Roles

Starting today, you can navigate to the Members tab in your Executive Dashboard and easily manage authorizations across your Upduo community. In one view, you can see who has access and change permissions as needed. 

We’re also giving admin users the ability to designate which participants should be trainers as participants become expert sellers. This allows your most knowledgeable team members to train others and pass on best practices, helping you effectively scale out training across your teams.

To start managing admin users, please visit your Executive Dashboard. 

Improved Matching for Small Groups

We’ve seen companies use Upduo across their organization, from large district-wide trainings for sales teams, to pod-specific trainings like mentorship and onboarding. 

To make Upduo more useful for your teams, we’re improving how participants match on Upduo across smaller-groups. These changes ensure that participants are always training with the right peer and that their Upduo sessions are human, effective, and fun.

If you want to experiment with smaller group learning, reach out to your Upduo Account Manager to get started.

Announcing our SOC 2 Type II Compliance

Data security is a fundamental element of our commitment to protecting sensitive user information and privacy. Following our SOC 2 Type I report, Updo’s additional Type II report is the next step in our organization’s investments in security.

A little over a quarter ago, we completed our SOC 2 Type I report, which describes the systems we use to process data and the suitability of those internal controls. Now, we’re continuing our commitment to security with the addition of our SOC 2 Type II report, an internal controls report capturing how our company safeguards customer data worldwide and how well those controls are operating.

If you'd like to learn more about Upduo’s enterprise security, please contact our sales team.

To learn more about Upduo, please visit our website www.upduo.com.