Apr 7, 2022  |  By Ben Chang

Skale is now Upduo

Back in 2020, we started Skale with one simple question: “What would teaching and learning look like if it was invented today, with all of the technology and knowledge we have available?” While learning conventionally happens in the classroom, most of us spend our days in the workplace. Thus, teaching and learning has to adapt. The logical evolution of learning is to integrate it into the daily routine in the workplace - continuous learning with the same level of rigor as the classroom, but without the same financial and time commitments.

We are a team of educators and engineers who are deeply passionate about education. We've designed and built a product using proven education science-based methods in order to improve the way people learn. These methods include:

  • 1:1 Learning and Mentoring - dedicated mentors or partners paired with a learner, traditionally in the form of coaching or tutoring
  • Mastery Based Progression - a learner-centered model that ensures that learners demonstrate a deep understanding of a topic before moving on to the next level of difficulty
  • Teaching as the Mark of Expertise - learn by doing, and learn by teaching

Unfortunately, these methods are expensive and difficult to scale without the right platform, making personalized learning an unrealistic option at work for most people.

This is where Upduo comes in. Today we have the data, technology, and insights to enhance workforce learning at scale – benefitting individual employees, teams, and entire companies. We’ve designed a platform that leverages the best in learning science and uses data to match employees to learn topics, together, in guided video conversations that take just 5 minutes.

Our transition to Upduo reflects our commitment to applying evidence-based learning methods to the workplace. These individualized 1:1 conversations bring teams together, grow individuals, and foster business success. We selected the name Upduo because it brings together the two key components of our platform: “Up” focuses on our value for growth of the individual, and “Duo” reflects our belief of learning together, as a pair.

In the past year we’ve launched features to make the learning experience more engaging and exciting for learners –  the user dashboard helps everyone identify which skills they’ve mastered, and monitor their own progress.

We’ve helped organizations conduct hundreds of thousands of learning sessions. In the coming months, we will be releasing additional features to help Managers and Leaders  better monitor how their teams are learning and get insights into their learning targets all on the executive dashboard.

Lastly, we’ve partnered with iQmetrix to help teams track their learning targets to company ROI. Upduo and iQmetrix are teaming up to seamlessly train wireless retail staff, improve culture, and track performance across stores.

We believe that people learn better together. And we’re committed to bringing world-class learning to everyone. If you’re curious about Upduo, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us at contact@upduo.com or visit our website www.upduo.com.