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How My Wireless uses Upduo to engage employees from day 1

About My Wireless

My Wireless is in the people business and pride themselves in ensuring that when anyone visits a My Wireless AT&T-Authorized retailer, they feel like family. The My Wireless mission is to provide a complete entertainment solution through knowledgeable and fascinating team members passionate about creating loyal guests.

“What makes our company unique is our culture we call the My Wireless Family. We work in such a busy and challenging industry and it's great to know you can rely upon coworkers that support you in and out of the workplace. We work together to win all while building meaningful relationships along the way” Mentioned Glenn Soliven, Associate Director of Talent Development & Brand at My Wireless.

The Challenge


After 2020, many customer-facing organizations were seeing large amounts of attrition across their teams. My Wireless was no exception. Employees were leaving customer service roles to find other alternatives noting that they were leaving due to not feeling supported by their companies. 

With stores and team members operating across 6 states and Puerto Rico, My Wireless was also facing obstacles around engaging their large distributed team. 

To combat this issue they needed to do two things quickly:

1. Effectively train their employees so they could be successful in their roles and

2. Offer mentorship by pairing them up with more experienced team members. With these two things in place, employees would not only feel prepared and supported, but they would also develop some of the strongest teams in the industry.

They sought a way to connect team members across regions and share best practices amongst them and also wanted to develop a mentorship program linking their new hires to mentors (District Managers and above). 

The Solution 


My Wireless launched Upduo in late 2021 to both train employees and bridge the connection gap between districts. “So much of our training is taking online courses with no way to share what the team member has learned while on the floor or share what experiences they have had with specific customer scenarios, products, or services.”

My Wireless implemented 3 different learning paths with Upduo:

  • The first one was focused on General Learning and Development. Everyone from sales reps to leadership was enrolled in this training focused around improving key sales metrics like CSAT, Upsells due to product offerings, Upsells due to service offerings and, and closing new business revenue.
  • The second learning track was focused on new hire onboarding. This was a set of sessions over a 3 week time period. Starting on the second day of onboarding, after a firehose of information, employees would connect with peers to practice skills and ask questions.
  • And the third learning track was around mentorship. After a week of onboarding, new hires got matched with My Wireless leadership to complete longer Upduo sessions. These sessions were around personal development and professional support.

Upduo has allowed My Wireless to connect team members in all states where they operate and share learnings, increase engagement, and build meaningful relationships beyond their four walls. 

The Results 


Working alongside My Wireless, Upduo enabled sales training among 8 regions. Individual and market trends were compared for the targeted sales behavior in the region and across the country. 

From the moment they started using Upduo, My Wireless saw a 15% sales increase from product add-ons and a 17% sales increase from service add-ons. When it came to soft skills like Customer Satisfaction, My Wireless’ scores increased by 7.5% across all the stores that used Upduo.

“Engagement is at an all time high and team members are loving the interactions they have with other team members in the company. And it's showing in our performance as we’ve surpassed our 2021 numbers in all the metrics we used Upduo on.” 

My Wireless’s talent development department was able to use Upduo to foster the core values of Trust, Engagement, Open Mindedness, Meaningful Relationships in a new way. Through learning together, they’ve built a better winning culture, become closer, and perform better.

“While the metrics say it all, In one of the Upduo mentorship sessions we heard a new hire say “Wow, I’ve never had something like this with any of my other employers.” Knowing we’re helping our team feel supported from day 1 means the world to us!”